Women’s Rights Donations

Good Girl Silver and The Vanderelli Room teamed up on June 24th, 2022 after the overturning of Roe v. Wade. We asked you for donations to start making signs for protests. We were able to raise $2,413.65. With the help of the community we were able to purchase lumber, paint and supplies to create 600 signs. We deployed 90% of those signs to people actively protesting at the state house that weekend. Having a few left over signs and paint we decided to spread the support over the 400 square campus. If you are visiting for Franklinton Fridays (every 2nd Friday of the month) you will notice a sea of pink. Located inside of Chromedge you will find a new mural with artwork designed and donated from Joshua Hedlund of Ojai, California. 

Thank you to everyone who donated, came out to paint, or grabbed signs to protest!

On June 28th, 2022 we asked you again for support. Using the remaining funds, we offered you a print and a t-shirt with all proceeds headed to a couple different organizations. We wanted to make the most impact and help as many women as we could find transportation to safe abortion clinics. We were able to raise $6,109.14 going to WHOO ( Women Have Options Ohio). Since this post and our donation WHO Ohio has changed their name to Abortion Fund Ohio. AFO is still working to help women seeking safe abortions find transportation and funds, just with a different more direct name. 

If you missed our pre-order don’t worry we ordered a few extra just in case. You can find our No War On Women Shirts and prints here, or in the Good Girl HQ on Franklinton Fridays. No War On Women was designed and donated by Joshua Hedlund of Ojai, California. Thank you to Franklinton Press for printing and getting these out as fast as humanly possible! 

You can find shirts and prints here!