Good Girl HQ

Welcome Sinners!

The Good Girl HQ is located inside of Chromedge studios. It started out as the home for Savannah to create all of her beautiful jewelry. As time has gone by she has transformed her space into the ultimate sinners lounge and is now home to a handful of devilishly talented artists. When browsing through the halls of Chromedge on Franklinton Fridays you won’t be able to miss the space. Savannah has a real affliction for painting every wall black. Upon arrival of this dark and moody space you will know you’re home when you see the red neon sinner sign.

Inside the HQ, you won’t know where to start in this wonderfully curated space. When you first walk in you are met with a combination of plants, pottery & Playboys. Handmade candles adorned with moody MCM home goods fill the space. Walk in a little further and you will some of the best vintage clothing in Columbus. With the selection ever evolving you’ll have to check it out for yourself to find something you are looking for or something else that finds you.

The Good Girl HQ is open every second Friday of the month for Franklinton Fridays. FF is Columbus’ largest art gallery left these days. If you don’t believe me come find out for yourself. Personal shopping days are available by request.  You can bring up to six friends with you to shop the HQ and will have the space all to yourself. Scheduling for personal shopping experiences can be found on IG @goodgirlsilver.

If you’ve been able to stop in before you already know it’s well worth the trip out of the house. If you haven’t yet made it in, you’re really missing out.

If you would like to be a merchant or plan a photoshoot inside of the HQ please contact Savannah here.

Here is a list of the current artists, makers & resellers you can find inside Good Girl with their social media tags:

@goodgirlsilver - Handmade Jewelry/ Shop Owner

@lostpetalpotterystudio - Ceramics

@moonlightmakery - Candles

@hotwatercornbreadvtg - Vintage Clothing

@shopscorpiounleashed - Handmade Goods

@thehappyaccidentclub Chainstitching 

@fe.milyer Vintage Homegoods

@jennndie Watercolor Prints

@conscious.seed Apothecary 

@emeraldbutterflyoddities Entomology