Ring Sizer
Ring Sizer

Ring Sizer

Unsure of your ring size? Don’t fret, grab one of these reusable ring sizers and get yourself sized!

How to use:

1. Make sure you use the correct finger on the correct hand. The fingers on our dominant hand are often larger than on the non-dominant hand

2. Put the end of the ring sizer through the “buckle”. Slowly pull it through until you have a large sized ring that you can easily put onto the finger

3. Put the ring sizer over the chosen finger and gently pull it tighter until you have the correct size

4. The measured ring size to use is the one on the inside of the buckle of the ring sizer

5. The correct size should allow the ring sizer to move over the knuckle without too much effort

6. If the gauge on the ring sizer shows a point between two sizes, use the larger one. It is better that a ring is a fraction too big, than too small

The entire process takes no more than 30 seconds, and the ring sizer belt is fully reusable.

If you have any further questions about finding your size please email me.



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